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2894 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles Ca 90039


The O-Zell Company was first established in 1911 to create a line of all-natural carbonated beverages. Elias Disney, Walt's father, was a major investor in the venture. In 2014, The O-Zell Soda Company has been relaunched with all proceeds going to restore and preserve Walt Disney's Birthplace home in Chicago, IL!


Please join us for O-Zell's very special Pineapple Whip and Cherry Jubilee launch party
with our friends at Rocket Fizz, O-Zell's new home!
The afternoon event will take place at Rocket Fizz's Palm Springs store!


Come and meet Charles Phoenix, noted pop-culture humorist and historian,
enjoy the masterful pumpkin carving of Terri Hardin, Disney Imagineer and renowned Pumpkin Sculptor,
meet Mike Quinn, Muppeteer and Star Wars character performer,
have your photo taken with Monty the Monorail, an actual Walt Disney World monorail car,
and – of course – savor these two fantastic new O-Zell flavors!

There will also be special discounts on all four O-Zell Sodas and unique items for sale!
Feel free to drop in at this Festival of Fun any time during the afternoon!

Rocket Fizz Palm Springs

155 S Palm Canyon Drive
Suite A-2
Palm Springs, CA 92262

After-Party Dinner!

Join us for a special after-party dinner at Melvyn's Restaurant and Lounge! Celebrity Host Charles Phoenix, with Jason Evans of Rocket Fizz and Todd Regan and Brent Young of O-Zell will be there to discuss Palm Springs and all things effervescent! 

Tickets are limited so get yours today! Please click here!

We can't wait to see you there!